About the author

Hi, I'm Sonia, the founder of TRY Business.  I've pretty much loved marketing for as long as I can remember.  I believe my career aspirations were heavily influenced by the likes of Gina on the show Martin, and Eddie Murphy's character Marcus in the movie Boomerang. Both were cool advertising execs.

Since the marketing bug never went away, I decided to study business in college and got an MBA from Florida A&M University.

Now I combine more than ten years of experience as an entrepreneur, marketer and business leader for large healthcare companies such as Johnson & Johnson, along with many more years of experience as an observant, delighted, and at times frustrated consumer to help entrepreneurs succeed with their businesses.

I have been known to break out into dance when so moved.  For the record, 1990’s hip hop and R&B often moves me.

You can find out more about my professional background in the corporate world here (some boring stuff), and get to know me a little better by watching the video below (some fun stuff).

Update since making the video:  I decided I needed some more beach time, so I ditched Philly and moved back to sunny Florida! :)

Sonia Thompson