What recipes have to do with your business' success

What’s your recipe for success?

In my previous career as a healthcare marketer, I frequently had to give presentations to various people throughout the company.  Although the size of the audience would vary, the recipe or process I undertook to deliver a great presentation was the same.  Once I had my slides just the way I wanted them, I then went back and wrote out by hand exactly what I wanted to say for each slide.  This was almost always a long and tedious process, but one that worked really well for me every time.  

On those occasions when I didn’t make enough time to write what I wanted to say in advance, I could clearly tell there was a drop in the level of quality in my presentation delivery.  Even though in the grand scheme of things those presentations were fine, I was never personally satisfied because they weren’t my best.  No bueno.

Now, because I know there is a formula that works to help me deliver presentations I will be pleased with (and consequently what happens when I don’t use it), I make sure that I always make time to implement that formula.  And as a result, I don’t leave performing at my best up to chance.

The truth about consistency

Consistency in what you deliver to your customers is super important.  But it will only work in your favor if you are consistently producing something that is so great that your customers will flock to you because they want what you got.  Producing something of mediocre or poor quality over and over again won’t win you any points with your customers.  

To steer clear of mediocrity, it is critical to invest the time to develop a recipe that will deliver a product and or experience that your customers will love.  Sure, finding the right formula for success may take a while, but its worth it in the end if it allows you to produce a product or service that meets your customers’ need like no other.  Besides, any time saved by not doing this becomes irrelevant if your customers are unimpressed with what you present to them.

Have you seen the Starbucks commercial that talks about the process they went through to develop a new coffee?  In response to customer feedback, the team set out to develop a blend that wasn’t quite so strong. After eighty different versions, the Starbucks team settled on the one that would be just right for their customers.  Eighty different versions!  That’s a whole lot of coffee, and sounds like a whole lot of time.  But for Starbucks, and the customers who now enjoy this lighter coffee, it was worth it to create the blend that was just right.

While it may not take you eighty tries to develop the right formula for success for whatever it is you are producing, it is essential for you to determine the right combination of things that help you produce something that delights your customers, and that you can be proud of.  

What does this have to do with your business?

To build a business that thrives over the long-term, producing greatness has to be the norm.  And since consistently delivering the remarkable is no easy feat, it is imperative that you develop and implement processes that allow your business to be successful at the things you do.

The key is to be great by design.  By identifying in advance the results you seek to achieve, you can then work to put the right recipes together that will bring you those results over and over.  Of course, your recipe will only benefit you if you use it.  So make sure that you do!

Check out chapter ten of Delight Inside for more information on putting the right processes in place for your business.  Included in the chapter you’ll find details on:

  • Developing a recipe for quality
  • When to allow for flexibility in a process

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