Why you need to penetrate the circle of trust

Have you ever eagerly anticipated a new product coming out?

For me, the product that I’m most excited about at the moment is a movie, The Best Man Holiday.  It’s the long awaited sequel to The Best Man that came out in 1999.  I remember being so excited when I saw the trailer come across my newsfeed on Facebook.  Too bad I’ve still got another three whole months to wait before it comes out.

Because I watch very little television, the only way I would have found out about this movie is through my network.  This is largely my circle of people or entities that I’m connected to, mostly online, that I’ve come to rely on informally to keep me up to date with what’s happening in the entertainment world around me.  When someone within my circle of trust (note:  this is only a select group within my social network) shares something that I think is interesting, I’ll often check it out.  And in this instance, I’m soooooo happy I did!

The original Best Man movie was great.  And because it was enjoyed by so many within my circle, now that its time for the sequel, the makers have earned their place of trust with us.  And the people who’s trust they’ve earned are helping them spread the word about the upcoming film among their circles which is ultimately greatly expanding the reach and effectiveness for promotions.

Your promotion will be more effective when you are inside the circle of trust

There are so many things vying for our attention these days.  Whether its articles to read, videos to watch, books to buy, events to attend, or products to pay attention to.  There's a ton of information out there, and there is almost no way to keep up.  And with all the noise competing for my attention, the easiest way for me to cut through the clutter and direct my energy on the things that may actually be worth focusing my time on, is to limit the sources of things that inform me of what’s worth it.  Hence my circle of trust. 

These are people who have earned my trust over time.  They share things that make me laugh, make me think, are meaningful and relevant to me, that are aligned with my values, and ultimately add value to my life in some way.  Because they’ve earned this level of trust with me over time, whenever they endorse something in any medium, I’m much more likely to pay attention.

Anything that comes from outside of my circle of trust, has an uphill battle with getting me to pay attention.  It could be something that I will absolutely love, but since the source is unknown or unproven it has to work extra hard to stand out amongst all the noise.

What does this have to do with your business?

As you work to spread the word about the product you have to solve your customers’ problem, it is super important that you figure out the most efficient and effective way to reach your customers.  And because like me, your customers have what seems like endless things competing for their attention, the best way for you to get your message to the people who can benefit most from your product is to penetrate their circle of trust.  

What does penetrating the circle of trust look like?  A variety of things actually.  It could be getting customers to sign up for your email list, getting them to share on their social networks something you’ve created, having them subscribe to your social pages, or even wearing your t-shirt.  You can choose to tap into the circle of trust on a one to one basis and build it over time, or you could swing for the fences by getting someone who has a lot of people who trust them to talk about your stuff. There are tons of ways.  But all are a result of creating something of value enough, something that oozes so much awesome, that people are willing to engage with it for themselves, and ultimately share with others that they care about so they can get some too.    

Check out chapter six of Delight Inside for more information on building spreading the word about your product.  Included in the chapter you’ll find details on:

  • Preparing to get the word out
  • Ways to get the word out

About the Author

Sonia Thompson is the founder and Chief Change Agent at TRY Business. Stay in touch with Sonia on Twitter and Google+.
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