Delight Inside

For most all entrepreneurs, it starts with a dream - a dream of running their own business, being successful, making a difference in the world, and living the life they always wanted to live.

For a lot of entrepreneurs, realizing the dream of having a successful business takes many, many detours along the way as they tinker along, figuring out what works, and what doesn't work to build, manage, and grow a thriving business.

For those entrepreneurs who are living the dream, they found that the secret to success is all about delight. Consistently delighting their customers that is - so much so that they come back for more and bring others with them. 

The shortest distance between your dream and delight is a straight line (for the math lovers). Detours just make the journey longer (for the math haters). This book is all about helping you get to delight as quickly as possible, so you can skip the detours and get to realizing your dream for your business. 

(Don't worry, there isn't any math in this book. Well, maybe a teeny, tiny bit, but you'll barely even notice. Promise.)

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Delight Inside